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Series 5

Series 5 Artists

 Six Boulder artists created five stickers each for Series 5.
Look out for the mystery artist who has one sticker in Series 5 and will be featured in Series 6.
Keep on stickering to find the mystery sticker!


Sanna Halverson headshot.JPG


As a young observer of the world, I am driven to share the universal challenge of human emotion through the simplest and most influential medium of life: art.


Ryan kopf series 5 artist artsticks.jpeg


Working as a full-time tattoo artist, painter, and illustrator my work is mostly inspired by the natural world. As a “self-taught” artist, creating has always been a genuine desire and joy for me. It’s my passion! Outside of creating I am a perpetual wanderer allowing my instincts to take over, I read the land and become the environment.


Kate Gagnier.jpeg


Kate Gagnier is an 18 year old future student at the Architectural Association where she hopes to learn how to use architecture as a catalyst for social change. She loves video games, naps, ice cream, and petting cute dogs - but she believes all dogs are cute.


Carin Reich Series 5 artist artsticks.jpeg


Carin Reich, has honed her creative and production skills working on large scale projects that range from advertising and film, to packaging and digital media. Leveraging her many years as a creative director and graphic designer, Carin’s influences of pop art and spiritual subject matter collide with a vibrancy and energy as she fuses geometric forms and elements of the natural world exploring their connection.


Lenn Soderlund series 5 artsticks.jpg


Lenn Soderlund is an industrial designer, illustrator, cyclist, and basketbrawler from WI whose go-to dive is the cannonball.


Ben Shores artsticks series 5 artist.jpg


This is Ben. He's a dad, and a husband, who likes to make art and has since he was a child. He works as a car mechanic, and now lives in Erie with his divinely awesome wife and 3 extraterrestrially supercharged kids.