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Series 3



Six Boulder artists created five stickers each for Series 3.
Look out for the mystery artist who has one sticker in Series 3 and will be featured in Series 4.
Keep on stickering to find the mystery sticker!



I’m a thoughtful designer and illustrator living and working in Boulder, Colorado. I bring a love for drawing into the digital space with organic and character-ful vector illustrations. I enjoy illustrating people, places, nature, and adventure. I recently published the “Colorful Colorado: Coloring Journal” with Fulcrim Publishing in Golden, CO. Crafted and printed in Colorado, these 65 beautifully crafted illustrations will inspire the readers to connect to nature and unwind. Uplifting nature quotes refresh and inspire, while brief nature facts on the spread’s flora and fauna provide extra insight into some of the state’s gems.

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Inspired by found objects and entropy, Ella Levy is a painter, photographer and multi-media artist. Through process oriented techniques, she is interested in collapse, rupture, decay and repair.

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My art is a refuge from the work I do as a caregiver for people with developmental disabilities. I am inspired by the edginess of 90's cartoons. You could say, I am reinventing my childhood nostalgia for my son and the child in all of us!

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Shannen Smiley is a third-year student at CU Boulder that has an obsession with digital art, graphic design, and drawing. She plans to graduate in Spring of 2019, and hopefully, make it to design school in the fall. If that plan falls through, you can find her huddled in a corner doodling away the fear of approaching adulthood.




Kate Hefferan is a senior at Boulder High School who spends her time painting, drawing, screen printing t-shirts, and dancing. She has a passion for music, as well as singing, but was not graced with talent in this particular area. Kate hopes to continue pursuing a creative career by attending art school after graduation, but if this doesn't pan out, she would be perfectly happy moving to Italy and apprenticing as a pasta maker.




Born and raised in Colorado, Marisa Aragón Ware garnered her deep appreciation of nature from a childhood spent enveloped in the forests and glades of the Rocky Mountains. Those formative experiences heavily influenced both her art and outlook, and she strives to depict the beauty of the natural world to help others connect with its abundant primordial magic. Marisa’s work explores the ephemeral and impermanent nature of life as well as the cyclical nature of death and rebirth, using a variety of mediums to do so. She most often works with pen and ink, paper sculpture, and digital mediums, but also works as a tattoo artist and a children’s book author and illustrator. Her greatest joy in life is running wild in the mountains with her jackal dog Echo.

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Debbie Clapper is an artist and designer living in Boulder, Colorado. Her techniques range from hand drawn to painting, to printmaking to digital artwork with the goal of breaking out of the need for perfection in order to give way to the beauty that is found in realistic designs. Her hand drawn work is done without the aid of a ruler, allowing her pieces to reflect the immediate power of the idea conveyed rather than fitting into a preconceived notion of what the piece “should” look like.

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