Art Sticks | Connecting Boulder Community & Artists
Great art sticks with you.


We exist to bring affordable local art to the hands of our community. Using stickers as the medium, we seek to create a strong appreciation of art to stimulate healthy conversation and share diverse opinions in a safe and respectful manner. From the heart of an artist, to a local vending machine, to your hands.


Art sticks with you. It inspires you. It makes you think. It starts a meaningful conversation.  

The heart of our mission helps artists share their passion with the community, in an accessible form that sticks with you.   

Art has the power to drive healthy, opinionated conversation. In a world of flat, digital communication, we believe art creates a beautiful avenue for expression and discourse.    

Each Artist Series features 31 limited edition stickers designed by Boulder artists. Our distribution is as analog as art itself: old school coin-operated vending machines in local businesses.  

Art Sticks. Place one and dare to disagree.