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Artist FAQs

Have questions? We get that. If your question is not answered here, please send us an email at


artist faqs


1) I want in! What do I do?

We're always reviewing art for upcoming series! Email with a link to your art (or attach some examples) and a brief explanation of why your work would be a great fit for Art Sticks.

2) What kind of art is accepted?

Any type of visual art is welcome for consideration! People are diverse and so are their styles of art appreciation, therefore, we want diverse sticker art. We only have a few restrictions - see question 3.

3) are there restrictions on content?

Since kids could be purchasing these stickers, please keep art PG (no nudity, no violence or material that could be deemed offensive to James).

4) How do you choose artists?

We are always accepting requests to be a part of this project. In each series we want as much variety as possible. There is no theme to each series, it's just art.

5) What format should I send files in?

Art should be sent as high res digital files (PNG, JPG, PDF). They will be printed smaller than 3x4 inches.

6) How should I crop my art?

Stickers are die cut - so you can create the shape of your stickers. We encourage a variety of shapes beyond squares and rectangles like circles, triangles and anything in between.

7) If chosen, how many pieces do I need to submit?


8) Does it have to be new work?

No! You can send us existing work - your favorite work - whatever you want.

9) Will I be compensated if my work is selected?

This is a labor of love, we're not expecting to make money off this, but happy to give half the expected money from the sticker sales to you - which will be about $40, as well as some of your own stickers. It's not how much money we make, but how much art we get to stick.

10) When will I find out if my work has been selected?

We will contact you directly if you are selected.

11) What is art? 

Yes. Hold on, what?